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The aim of this web site is created online check list of selected families of Hymenoptera of the Czech Republic (and partly Slovakia). The book Enumeratio insectorum Bohemoslovakiae - Check list of Czechoslovak Insects III. (Šedivý et al., 1989) was used as a main source of information, for Ichneumonidae Holý et Zeman (2018). New faunistic records published later or old valid records which were not included in previous checklist are added and have number in upper index (i.g. B3, M14, S7) and the number is the same as number before the name of the article in References.


Cynips quercusfolii


The Czech Republic (CZ) is traditionally divided in two parts: Western (Bohemia-B) and Eastern (Moravia-M). Some families contain also the checklist of Slovakia (S) - although former Czechoslovakia was split into two countries (Czech Republic and Slovakia) in 1993, the faunistic research often covers both territories.


 Andricus coriarius    Czech Republic & Slovakia     Echthrus reluctator